Cartes de Visite The illustrations are hastily made scans and in most cases the original is better quality than the illustration except where noted. If you would like more details of any card just ask (quoting Ref number) and we can e-mail a photo of front and back. All card prices are UK postage inclusive.

Loosely grouped in the following categories:

A1 - A16 L1 - L10 AM1 - AM12 B1 - B10 F1 - F46 G1 - G6 H1 - H23

Actors & celebrities

K1 - K18

  Female portraits 

MP1 - MP20


S1 - S3

Beards & Whiskers

MS1 - MS23

Fashion Interest

MS24 - MS40


M1 - M10

Hats & Hair


Plus Cabinet  and other images, and a few stereo cards


Male portraits


Men sitting

Men standing



Section A -  Actors and other celebrities

A1: Anthony Trollope. (small tear to bottom as above, and minor crease at bottom left corner). Author of 'The Way We Live Now", "Barchester Towers" 


A1: verso

A2: Barraud: (Sir) Henry Irving. The renowned actor/director was knighted by Queen Victoria in 1895 - the first actor to be knighted. (Seems to have been trimmed slightly along right hand edge, not affecting inage) Ad for Taunus Royal Mineral Water on reverse.



A3: Downey: Wilson Barrett (1846-1904, rival to Irving as actor/manager) A nice card £25

A4: Downey: Kate Vaughn (possible trim to left hand edge.) Famous actress/dancer. £25

A5: Window & Grove: Mr Conway (ad for Taunus on reverse) £25

A6: Barraud: Mary Anderson ( Possible trim to right hand edge)Nice card - better than the scan.  £30

A7: London Stereoscopic: Miss Kate Rorke as Fanny Goodwill. - a character in Henry Fielding's 'Joseph Andrews'£25

A8: Barraud - Ellen Terry. "The greatest actress that ever lived" said Sarah Bernhardt. (Possible trim to right hand edge as Irving card above)Ad for Taunus on reverse. £30

A9: Barraud: Miss Norreys.(trimmed edges as other cards. Very nice - much lighter than scan. £25

A7: verso

A10: Van der Weyde: Grace Hawthorne. Slight trim to both edges, not affecting image. £25


A11: G Nicholls- Edmonton (handwritten) Unknown actor (I assume). £20

A12: Brookes Bros - Canterbury: unknown actor (G Durgeoun?) £20


A14: London Stereoscopic: unknown (actress?)  £10

A15: Brookes Bros - Canterbury: unknown (actress?) ( D Antrilo?) £8

A16: unknown photographer, unknown subject  £8

Section L - Female portraits

L1: The London Lychnographic & Photographic Co (stains,but not as bad as scan) £2

L2: unknown  £2

L3a & b: unknown 2 . also copy, lighter. Both £5

L4: S A Thomas - 6th Ave £2

L5: Boursnell - Uxbridge,London £3 (later photo of L1?)

L6: H Bown - London  £2

L7: Hollis - London "Photographers to His Highness Akbaloddowla ex-King of Oude"! £2

L8: Hollis -London  £2



L9: H Spink - Brighton  £6

L10: Henry Studios - London   £2



Section AM - Americans

AM1:Cramer - San Francisco "Yours truly D. Howard" £7.50

AM2: Cramer - S.F. £7.50

AM3:  Howland - S.F. £7.50

AM4: Howland - S F  £7

AM5: Bradley & Rulofson-SF   "Jos M Roberts" £10

AM6: B & R - S F  "George Sene" £10

AM7: New York Gallery £10

AM8: B & R- S F   £8

AM9: Wm Shew -S F"J P Maxton" £20

AM10: Wm Shew - S F"David Cree" £10

AM11:  Wm Shew"S H J????????" £10

AM12:  Wm Shew"John Louttil ?" £10


Section B:  'Beards & Whiskers


B1: Robinson & Thompson - L'pool  £5

B2: unknown  £10

B3: unknown  £8

B4: Edwin Debenham-Weymouth  £5

B5: Sarony's-NY  £8

B6: Arthur Debenham- Ryde,IOW  £3

B7: Rees & Co- London  £5

B8: Hong Kong Phot.Co - H.K."HP(?) Shearman" £5

B9: W F Floyd -Manila "With regards from Robert P Roy" £5



B10: A Batho - Birkenhead " C J Durie. September 1872 Age 24" £6



Section F: Ladies Fashion Interest


F1  Mower - Bristol (minor scratch bottom right, as above) £8

F1 verso: Price list

F2 Yerbury - Edinburgh  £8

F3 Thomas - Chippenham  £10

F4 Dustin - Birkenhead   £10

F5 Kay - Liverpool (minor stain top right)  £8

F6 Hazard -Clapham Common "This photograph was taken by the Lichtning(sic) process first introduced into the studio by J S Hazard" (Horizontal scratches,as scan) £3

F7 Edwards-Gt Yarmouth (crease top right) £3

F8 - Lamartiniere - Sydney, Australia  £4

F9 Kisch Bros - Durban,Natal S.Africa  £5

F10: Alfred Freake - Cardiff (tear as in scan)  £2  

F11: W.Astley - Walthamstow  £5

F12: H.Lenthall - Regent St  £10

F13:  G E Nicholls - Edmonton (dirty, but no real damage)  £3

F14:  Dowdall-Swansea (some dirt but better than scan) £2

F15:  Nicholls-Edmonton  £10

F16:  Deacon & Davies-Wickham,Essex  £10

F17:  Thexton-Birkenhead  £10

F18:  Perriman-Camden Town  £7

F19:  Gillman-Oxford  £7

F20:  Creed-Regent St  £7

F21:  W.Croydon-Westbourne Park  £3

F22:  W.Barry-Leith (some damage,as above, but interesting re dress,cross etc) £3)

F23:  Stodart-Margate  £3

F24:  unknown  £5

F25:  J Green-Caversham  £3

F26:  David Cay-Cheapside "Photographer to his late Royal Highness, the Prince Consort"(so pre-1862)  £3

F27a & b:  Nicholls-Edmonton (trimmed to left side.Also copy,no trim but liess contrast) Both £6

F28:  W.Chamley Braithwaite - Ulverston "portrait & animal painter, photographer & engraver on wood"  £4

F29:  Bown - New Kent Rd  £7

F30: Negretti & Zambra-Crystal Palace. Nice hair & dress detail. Complete - scan is cut off.  £8

F31: D B James-London  £5

F32:  T Wright-Poplar (light image but nice)  £5)

F33:  unknown  £2

F34:  Bradshaw-London "this negative may be registered for one shilling"  £5

F35:  Hollis-London   £2

F36:  unknown  £5

F37:  Coleman-London  £5

F38:  Lancaster-Birkenhead (handwritten) £5

F39:  J R Dowdall-Swansea (minor damge,as scan) £5

F40:  D B James-London  £4

F41:  E Dustin- Birkenhead   £10

F42:  Rees & Pitcher-London (and F43) Sisters? Mother & daughter? Some wear but better than scans.  Both: £5


F44:  Browning-Liverpool  £3


F45:  C Silvry-Bayswater (slightly shorter and wider than average cdv, but not trimmed)  £10

F46: MrLouis London & Boulogne £5



Section G: Groups

G1: J Braid - Aberdour  £10

G2:unknown - assumed Scots  £10

G3:Hills & Saunders - Harrow,Eton & Oxford £10

G4:unknown - pencil on verso. Crease/bend not as noticeable on original. £10

G5: unknown - "With J J & W Currie's best wishes" £10

G6: A Terris - Marseille  £4

Section H: 'Hats & Hair Interest

H1: Liverpool & London Photo Co £10

H2: T Kay-L'pool  £10

H3: A G Taylor-Cardiff £7

H4: J Monte-London £10

H5: Goldsworthy- L'pool "R Keir 1870" £7 H6: unknown "J Bidwell Esq" (perhaps not a cdv as such) £10 H7: J Chenhall-Redruth £7 H8: Mr Nelson-Regent St  £5

H9: J Perriman-Camden Town ("Copies can always be had 6d each or enlarged to life") £5 H10: G E Boxall - Old KentRoad £5 H11: Phillips,Miles - Clifton & Bristol  £5 H12: G Ridsdale Cleare - NE London  £6

H13: G E Boxall  £7

H14: H Bown - New Kent Rd badly creased as scan. £2

H15: unknown (tintype?) £6

H16: unknown  £6

H17: London Stereoscopic  £5

H18: Stuart-Glasgow  £3

H19: W V Amey - Southsea ("people who have never come out well in a photograph are especially invited to give us a sitting as no matter where previously taken we can insure a successful portrait in any case, without exception") £5

H20: C Herman-London Yes, that is a hat. £5

oops! The first 6 items on this page are mirror images.

H21: O Chamoin - Boulogne-sur-mer, France £6

H22: F S Mann - Hastings £3

H23: John Lancaster - Chester & B'head  £3


Section K: Young People


K1: James Curran - London   £5

K2: T Coleman - London (nice card - it's the scan that's crooked)  £5

K3: Barnes & Son - London "Ellen Clayton Joel Aug 1875 aged 14 yrs" (some damage and stains)  £2

K4: G A Baker - London  £5 (not sure what this type is called.-cameo? - K4 & K5 oval is in relief)

K5: G A Baker - London  £5

K6: Perriman - Camden Town   £5

K7: T Coleman - London  £8

K8: Paris Studio - Brighton . £10

K9: H Friedmann - Stratford & Leytonstone  £10

K10: Perriman - Camden Town  £10

K11: Boxall - London Medals are probably for school attendence/punctuality  £10

K12: Napolean Syrus - Islington  £7

K13: J Hatherill - Bermondsey  £8

K14: Henry Bown - London  Better than scan.  £4

K15: Meadows - London   £10

K16: Henry Bown - London . Girl with carte album  £25

K17: Ying Cheon - Shanghai (mount worn at edges, but image intact although some creases)  £5

K18: Brown,Barnes & Bell - London "Her Majesty's Royal Letter Patent for Artistic Improvements in Photography" Scuffed image but great expression. £2


Section MP: Male Portraits


MP1: G A Oldham - Colchester (small stain bottom right)   £3

MP2: Robinson & Thompson-L'pool £3

MP3: T J Ewbank - L'pool  £3

MP4: Stuart Bros - London. Better than scan.  £2

MP5: B J Edwards - London  £3

MP6: Villiers - Newport, Mon  £3

MP7: John Fergus - Largs  £3

MP8: John Lancaster - B'head  £3

MP9: Montabone - Torino, Italy "E Claudio da Silva"  £5

MP10: E Rustfeldt - Sydney, Australia " To my friend Mr Boyd" £ 5

MP11: J W Thomas - Hastings  £3

MP12: F Weston - Folkstone  £5

MP13: G E Boxall - London £5

MP14: unknown  £3

MP15: Daniel Jones Liverpool £2

MP16:Vandyke & Brown L'pool £3

MP17: C S Cork London  £5

MP18: Sands & Co - "Opposite Tower of London" "Appointed Military Portrait Painter to the Tower of London" £2


MP19:Vandyke & Brown L'pool £2

MP20: unknown £2


   Section S : Military Interest
S1: Mayer Bros - London. Nice uniform , nice condition - better than scan. £15 S2: A Batho - Birkenhead: Officer outside tent. Is he famous? Lots of detail inside and outside tent. £25
Not a cdv - see Cabinet & others S3: unknown: 2 images, one card. Some are uniformed, some not.  £25

Section MS: Seated Men


MS1: Beard - London  £5

MS2: David Kay - London  £5

MS3: J Hatherhill - Bermondsey (crease,almost unnoticable,top left )£5

MS4: E Debenham - Weymouth £4

MS5: unknown  £10

MS6: W T Fisher - Tottenham £5

MS7: T Coleman - London £5

MS8: J Hodgkinson - Birkenhead £5

MS9: R Kitchen - Birkenhead £5

MS10: Daniel Jones - L'pool (pencil mark on front,as scan) £5

MS11: Helsby - L'pool £5

MS12: G Nicholls - Edmonton.  £10


MS13: Hills & Saunders - Harrow, Eton & Oxford £5

MS14: unknown  £10

MS15: Negretti & Zambra -  £5

MS16: Asher - Edinburgh  £5

MS17:Asher - Edinburgh   £5

MS18: Frisco Photo Co - Ipswich  £5

MS19: A Adams - Aberdeen £4

MS20: Howie - Edinburgh £5

MS21: A & G Taylor - London £5


MS22: A Henderson - London (price list on back 1 for 1 shilling 2 for 3 shillings etc) £2

MS23: Helsby - L'pool £5



Section MS: Men Standing


MS24: E Dustin - B'head (Prices on back) (spotting) £3 MS25 A L Henderson - London (prices)  £5 MS26: Henry W Taunt - Oxford  £5

MS27:Maull & Polyblank - London (creased)  £3

MS28: Chas R Olley - London ("Platinotype, Bromide & Carbon enlargements fiished in best style") £3

MS29:Mayall - Regent St (much better than scan)



MS39: (Carpenter?I can't make out what he's holding)Nicholls -Edmonton  £10

MS40: James Monte - Wood Green  £5


Stereoviews - please e-mail if you would like more info.

ST1: On the shore of the Dead Sea -looking southwest - Palestine  £6

ST2: Along the Appian Way  £10
ST3: Also: 9 Underwood & Underwood cards of Rome and St Peters  £18


CO1: Wedding. Sarony-London £5

C02: Wedding..Sarony-London £5

CO3: Soldier  £5

C04:Rowers  £10



C05: Boy in toy horse & cart  £5

M3: G W Wilson - Aberdeen. Sir Walter Scott's Monument  £5

M1 + M2: Two church views . G E Nicholls - Edmonton, London. Pair £10


M4: Unknown - possibly not a 'cdv',? but same size. £5

M5: Ashford Bros - London. "Upwards of 500 photographic portraits of the most celebrated personages of the age. With a hand magnifying glass every portrait will be seen perfect" £10


M6: Frederick Gould - Gravesend. SS Cuzco. Creased.

M7: G E Nicholls - Edmonton.  Two King Charles Spaniels £5

M8: unknown."Gibraltar. No 28. Casemates Square." £10

M9: John Allum - Ore. "Lovers Seat"  £12

M11: W Norton - Sydney, Aust. £5 (spotted)

M10: unknown. Middle Eastern? Maori? £20


Cartes de visite/Cabinet Photos Albums


The 'Green' Album


An album with pages for 20 cabinet (only 16 present) and 40 cartes de visite (only 27 present). Note that some of the individual cards I am listing are obviously from the same family -i.e. see the boy with dog carte



From a  'Cabinet' image in the album


The 'Almost Empty' Album

  Note that this is a dilapidated album, missing the spine and with the front cover almost detached, and only 7 cabinet photos present. The 'wintry scenes' illustrated pages might well be suitable for displaying other images. Offers?  

The 'Brown ' Album

  An album containing 19 cabinet photos and 75 cartes, including one tintype. Nice album. Starts with a school group photograph and has a lot of very nice cartes. £145  

Steky: Model IIIA 16mm Subminature 'spy' camera.

(1954 appx)

The front of the case is detached at the fold, as in picture 2 below. Filter is present as shown. I don't know if this model also came with a lens cap - if it did it is not present. £150


Polaroid Image System - £75

All original packing and manual. As new



Saratoga Coal Company

Original signed print by Ralph Steiner

“Negative 1929/Print 1977"

See 'A Point of View' in booklist



Tony Ray-Jones: Hank Williams Jnr, Nashville, USA 

 Original ex-exhibition print mounted on board 19.5" x 13.25"   


Note: These are (poor) photographs of the prints, not scans


Two prints from the Joseph Sudek portfolio '13 Photographs'- see booklist